Our Project

Martín Ríos Clinic arises from the union of two sisters. Sara, a dentist, and Virginia, a psychologist, they are two professionals highly qualied with and long professional career, who share a common goal, give a closer, quality and integral treatment to the patient, with prices that do not make health a luxury.They are both committed to their profession,in continuous training and use to the latest technologies for improving and reaching the maximum satisfaction of their patients.

Dra. Sara Martín Ríos. Odontóloga

Degree in Dentistry. University Rey Juan Carlos I. Madrid. (2008).

Master´s degree in Implantology and oral rehabilitation. European School of Oral Rehabilitation, Implantology and Biomaterials. Madrid / Paris / New York (2010).

Diploma in Endodontics. Applications and use of the surgical microscope in Endodontics. University of Valencia. (2013).

Experience working in dental clinics since 2005.

Experience working in the UK, NHS and PRIVATE since 2010, where


Accreditation Course of Director of X-ray facilities for purposes of general radiodiagnosis. ACPRO. Barcelona. Oct. 2016.

Oral Cancer Detection Workshop. Dental Meeting. New York. Nov. 2012.

Oral Surgery. Dental Meeting. New York. Nov. 2012.

Hands on Endodontics. Dental Postgraduate Unit, Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr Tydifill. 2011.

Primary Care Training Scheme. Dental Postgraduate Unit, Prince Charles Hospital, Merthryr Tydifill – Porth, Postgraduate Center – Newport. 2011.

Oral Oncology Basic Course for Dentists and Stomatologists. Madrid. DENTAID, April 2009.

New trends in surgery, implantology and periodontics. Santiago de Compostela. ASTRATECH DENTAL, Mar. 2009.

Clinical solutions with NobelActive implants. Madrid. NobelActive, Nov. 2008.

Update on the biological principles of implantology and periodontics. Madrid. SEPA Meeting – ASTRATECH DENTAL, Oct. 2008

Dra. Virginia Martín Ríos. Psychologist

Degree in Psychology from the University of Granada, 1999/2000.

Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude (CAP). Continuous Training Center of the University of Granada, 1999/2000.

Master International in Clinical Psychology Adults. Organized by the AEPC (Spanish Association of Behavioral Psychology). Granada 2002/2004.

Master’s Degree in Child and Youth Clinical Psychology. Organized by ISEP (Higher Institute of Psychological Studies). Madrid 2006/2008.

Master’s Degree in Legal Psychology and Forensic Psychological Assessment. Organized by the University of Valencia, 2013/2014.

Symposium on “Advances in the Evaluation and Treatment of Schizophrenia” organized by the AEPC (Spanish Association of Behavioral Psychology). Granada, 1997.

XIII Andalusian Convention on Alcohol dependence, organized by PROSALUD, under the patronage of the federation AL ANDALUS, Almería, 22, 23 and 24 October 2004.

Model of Intervention in the Area of Alcoholic Drug Dependence, organized by AREA, “Recovery of Alcoholic Sickness” and subsidized by the Ministry for Equality and Social Welfare of the Regional Government of Andalusia. Málaga, November 12, 2004.

“Methodologies in Treatment in Dependencies and Addictions: Between Mutual Aid and Solidarity”, organized by the University of Seville and subsidized by the Ministry for Equality and Social Welfare of the Andalusian Government. Seville, from 10 to 18 December 2004.


Dra. Paola Robles Estrada. Speech therapist

Degree in Logopedic, Faculty of Psychology, University of Málaga, 2008/2011.

Master’s Degree in Early Childhood, Technical Institute of Applied Studies (ITEAP), 2011/2012.

Professional Seminar “Dyslexia: an educational issue”. Organized by the Andalusian Association of Dyslexia (ASANDIS). Malaga 2011.

Course: Training and Proper Use of Voice. Organized by the International University of Andalusia (UNIA). Malaga 2011.   

Seminars Logopedical Intervention in the Neurodegenerative Diseases of the Third Age. Organized by the Official Language Association of Andalusia. Málaga 2012.

Course: Specialization in Orofacial Motricity. Organized by the Official Language Association of Andalusia. Málaga 2013.

III International Congress of Autism. Organized by Gabriel Pérez Cárcel Integral Training Center. Murcia 2014.

TAV Conference (Verbal Hearing Therapy). Organized by the AICE Federation, Association of Cochlear Implants of Spain. Madrid 2014.

Course: Logopedic Intervention in Children with Hearing Loss and Language Disorders. Organized by ASPRODES, Pro-Rights Association of the Deaf. Granada 2014.

Course: Introduction to the Castillo Morales technique. Organized by Red Menni of Brain Damage. Hospital Sisters. Madrid 2014.

Course: Dyslexia work at home and in the classroom. Organized by ladislexia.net (300 hours), 2014.

Day: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Snoring. Orofacial Myofunctional Therapeutic Approach. Organized by the Official Language Association of Andalusia. Málaga 2015.

Course: Oropharyngeal dysphagia due to structural alteration of oncological etiology. Sevilla 2016.