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We believe that the best treatment is prevention of diseases, so we advise in matters of diet and hygiene habits to our patients, from infants to old age.


Throughout the life of any person there are situations where the help of a professional psychologist is truly useful for balance and wellness.


We treat human communication disorders, manifested through diseases and disorders of voice, speech, language and hearing both adult and child population.


At Clínica Martín Ríos we believe that a joint treatment with several health professionals is the key to achieving excellent results in certain pathologies. That is why dentistry, psychology and speech therapy is a fantastic fusion to help our patients in an effective and simple way. Some of the most frequent cases in which we work together are:

Problems of dental malposition.

Related to an atypical swallow and / or speech problems,in consequence of a mistake in the tongue position , either when swallowing and / or speaking, to get a successful treatment is essential to combine orthodontics and speech therapy.

Problems of bruxism

It is the tightening and / or grinding of the teeth when we areAsleep and sometimes even when we are concentrating, thesePatients need dental treatment in addition of receiving helpWith the management of anxiety and / or stress thanks to our psychologist.

Fear of the dentist.

One every four people are concerned about visiting the dentist, according to data from the British public health system.

And it’s not just kids’ members. Some people have such a dentist phobia that they have not visited it in years.

At Martín Ríos clinic we have been concerned to offer our patients a much friendlier environment and the joint work of the psychologist and the dentist, so these people can successfully face their fears.


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