In the cabinet of psychology Martin Rios we have been working in solving psychological disorders and improving the quality of life for longer than 15 years. Among the primary theoretical orientations of clinical psychology training and our work it has been linked to cognitive behavioral therapy. From a cognitive behavioral perspective is known to solve a problem that must modify certain behaviors, and if this is not done,

the problem is not solved. When speaking of behavior is done in a broad sense, considering behaviors thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Psychological therapy is not only reserved for the treatment of psychological disorders, but throughout the life of any person situations where the help of a professional psychologist is truly useful for balance and well-being are presented.

Psychotherapy is based on the power of the word, the psychologist in each session establishes a deep bond with the person so that it can address the problems that trouble you. The psychotherapist through a number of techniques makes it to the source of the problem and promote positive change for the patient to improve their quality of life. However, not only psychotherapy is usedto treat psychological disorders, but is also very useful for solving conflicts or problems of everyday life and promote personal growth tool.