Giftedness and high intellectual abilities

It is very important to diagnose children with high intellectual and giftedness in order to enable educational actions to avoid getting to have behavioral problems, school failure and / or suffering capabilities.

Martin Rios Clinic aim:

  • Detect and identify, children who may be gifted or have high intellectual capacities with the aim of achieving in school encourage adequately cognitive development, and to avoid as far as possible misalignments and desynchronizes in affective and social fields.
  • Depending on the results obtained in the psychoeducational assessment, parents will be offered information about the characteristics of their children / as, educational needs they have, and the various educational responses can receive in their school.
  • Offer parents the opportunity for their son / daughter to receive in our cabinet an extracurricular educational services to meet the needs encountered in the diagnosis. We discussed the possibility of carrying out a specific program for children with high intellectual abilities and giftedness:Program intellectual, social and emotional enrichment. In this program the following work areas:Cognitive enrichmentWork organization
  • Creativity
  • Stimulation of attention and memory
  • Emotional intelligence


  • Ofrecer a los padres la oportunidad de que su hijo/a pueda recibir en nuestro gabinete una atención educativa extraescolar para satisfacer las necesidades encontradas en el diagnóstico. Hablamos de la posibilidad de llevar a cabo un programa específico dirigido a niños con altas capacidades intelectuales y superdotación:

Programa de enriquecimiento intelectual, social y emocional. En este programa se trabaja las áreas siguientes:

  • Enriquecimiento cognitivo
  • Organización del trabajo
  • Creatividad
  • Estimulación de la atención y memoria
  • Inteligencia Emocional