What are nightmares?




They are unpleasant dreams that usually provoke emotions and feelings of terror, fear, anguish and anxiety. This experience is very vivid and usually includes issues that involve a threat to survival, safety or self-esteem, it can be considered a sleep disorder.




How can we help our children not to have nightmares?

  • We must create habits, establish a routine before going to bed, making sure that every day at the same time you clean, brush your teeth and go to the bathroom, set schedules that regulate the time to go to bed, including holidays and weekends. of weeks.
  • Avoid educating our children with themes or characters that could frighten them.
  • In the room you should create a pleasant atmosphere, reduce the noise, light and humidity levels. Perform relaxing activities before going to bed, for example, read a story
  • Avoid physical exercise before going to bed because if you are very active it will be difficult to get to sleep.
  • Avoid drinks with caffeine or theine, prepare light dinners low in sugar and fat.
  • Use the bed only at bedtime, the child should not perform other activities such as reading, studying, watching movies or playing.


What to do during a nightmare?

  • We must remain calm, offer our love and understanding until it calms down and feels good
  • At that time we should not ask about the content of the nightmare at another time we will take the issue and tell us that you have dreamed.
  • During the nightmare we should not turn on the light in the room, nor show anguish or worry
  • Neither should we stay in your room or take the child to our bed since you can take it as routine
  • Avoid forcing them to sleep as if it were a punishment.


The professionals who par excellence deal with this issue are psychologists, who will carry out the appropriate treatment so that the nightmares disappear.

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